Frequently Asked Questions

1. I have a store or distro and want to order wholesale.
It's bullshit to wait months to get paid from a distributor, so we sell wholesale direct instead. While that may hurt our sales in the long run, we also don't have to chase anyone down for money. To order direct, email 

2. Hey, can you sign my band?
We are a catalog label, and aren't actively looking for new bands to sign. Not to say we won't, but probably not. If you really feel the need to send us a demo, email a soundcloud link to

3. Will you sell me some of your old collectible vinyl?
Nope. We do run contests here and there, where we give away some vault stuff as prizes. Best way to get your mitts on them is to follow @blackoutnyhc on instagram, and participate in the contests.

4. I want to book one of the bands.
Cool. Hit them up on social media, they are as friendly and responsive as we are.

5. Will you press [insert name of record here] again?
We will never press another CD, ever again.