Killing Time The Method (Deluxe Edition) [Limited Colors] *** Pre-Order ***

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Killing Time's second album, available for the first time on vinyl. Also features deluxe packaging including high gloss gatefold cover, full color printed inserts, and inner sleeve. Exclusive for Blackout! direct only.

  • Limited edition of 100 pcs on "Furnace" spatter wax. (black, rust, yellow spatter)
  • Limited edition of 200 pcs on solid rust color.


Track List 

  1. Used To It
  2. It Must Be Nice
  3. Cayce 
  4. Can't Get Around It 
  5. Quietly 
  6. Symptom
  7. The Method
  8. Outgroup (Major Conflict cover)
  9. Sidelined
  10. And I... 
  11. Personal Hardcore
  12. Occupied
  13. Junkdrawer 
  14. Scared 
  15. Happy Hour 
  16. Another Day 
  17. Pokerface
  18. Are You Comfortable?


  • Recorded June – August, 1996 at LoHo, NYC
  • Produced by Dean Rispler
  • Engineered by Joe Hogan
  • Mixed by Victor Luke
  • Mastered for vinyl by Adam Gonsalves
  • Cover art by Chris Cannon
  • Design by Anthony Drago